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russians d0 it best

you can't open the book of my life in the middle.

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stan th3 man
22 October 1982
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rescue the damsel in distress
kill the bad guy
save the world

hi! I'm stan. aka, stan the man. I'm your typical russian jewish rockstar. I'm 24 years old living in henrietta (in my own house!) trying to figure out what the hell to do with my life now that I have my associates from MCC. right now, the plan is to finish up RIT and take over the world.

I'm a self proclaimed geek, nerd, dork, whatever you want to call some crazy-ass combination of all three. I type at 140 words per minute, I play dungeons & dragons, I've wanted to be a ghostbuster since I was 5, I watch teenage mutant ninja turtles, I play computer and video games (professionally!), I read comic books, watch movies at the little theatre and regal henrietta and even sometimes I watch anime. I love buttons and have tons of 'em. I hang out at coffee shops, diners, and the occasional nearby bar (ie, woody's 2, LUX).

I'm russian and proud of it. not to mention I can do a bad-ass accent.

I love music. it really is an obsession of mine. the more I think about it, the more I realize that I listen to music at almost every given moment. I always have something playing when I'm on my computer at home. at the restaraunt I work at and every bar or coffee shop I go to, music blares non-stop. it's literally the soundtrack to my life. as for what I listen to, my specific genre interests are punk, indie, and alternative. the runner ups are 80's, oldies, electronica, trance, classical, and classic rock.

people often tell me I look like three different movie stars. if you can tell me two out of the three, you win a prize!

If you are/do any of the following:

- a fun/cute girl (I like candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach!)
- listen to punk/indie music (*rocks out*!)
- play video games (shoot everything. if it blows up or dies, it was bad!)
- gamble or play poker (I'm all-in!)
- be geeky (omg!)
- be nerdy (ghostbuers can kick indiana jone's ass anyday!)
- be dorky (<3!)
- know l33t (pwn3d!)
- have good taste in movies (boondock saints, eternal sunshine, waiting..., munich!)
- watch kick ass TV shows (LOST, battlestar galactica, smallville, family guy!)
- cool in any way, shape and/or form

...so say hi!

ps. my AIM screenname is on3nightstan.
pss. my myspace is http://www.myspace.com/L3ssTaLKmor3rock.

top bands I've listened to for the last few months: (kthx last.fm!)

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Trading Cards
Early Adopter Edition
User Number: 15042
Date Created:9.12.2000
Number of Posts: 538

stan is your 22 year old/russian/jewish/geek/1337 hax0r/hug obsessed/punker/living in rochester, ny
Strengths: Russian, honest, super suave, loyal, caring, great communication skills, smart, funny, damn good with both people and computers, excellent taste in music, great friend when you need a shoulder to cry on, video & computer games, poker, more LJ friends than you
Weaknesses: always late, staying up late, girl's perfume, unable to express anger/frustration effectively, lap dances in Las Vegas, video & computer games, poker, goya lime soda, cute geeky/nerdy/indie/punky girls
Special Skills: bad-ass hugging skillz, l33t hax0r skillz, charm, can play Halo and other games ON HIS WALL (fuck TV's!), sexy Russian accents on command, kisses that turn girls knees to jelly and their stomachs to butterflies, superhuman hugging ability, other-worldly gift-giving intuition
Weapons: Russian mafia connections, cell phone (sanyo vm4500), nunchaku, sais, bo staff, dreidel spinning tornado, the throwing yamaka, dual .50 desert eagles, gravity gun
Motto: "Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen."

This trading card has been brought to you by me and the following awesome people:
bluerae, chibiirishbabe, dragonfli180, gandalfy, nouvelle_rozu, freqency & vespa331
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