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russians d0 it best
you can't open the book of my life in the middle.
so, I'm in chicago. wee! had my first train ride. that was fun. that and I saw that there was a direct flight from rochester to chicago in the gate next over so I asked if I could switch and they're like, sure! that saved me a hell of a lot of trouble. you know, going to washington DC first and then chicago. next time, I should ask if they have any seats in first class available.

oh, and I'm on an hour's worth of sleep. I'm going to go pass out now and update you all as of more details.

ps. man, being in a city with a public transportation system that's worth two shits is pretty cool.

Current Mood: exhausted exhausted

31 shots fired or take a shot
birthdays are always a tricky thing. I mean, writing the right thing in the right card, chosing the ideal wrapping paper, and most of all the gift. it's a bitch, let me tell you. but I'm sure you're all aware of that.

I guess what makes the whole birthday gift giving process more difficult is when it's family. that just adds a whole new level of complexity to the whole gift thing because the expectations are so much higher. the only thing that could be possibly worse is the significant other birthday gift. but the two have one ever so dangerous thing in common. each year, your gift somehow magically has to be better than the last. how? I don't now but I'm supposed to find out somehow, aren't I?! goddammit. I guess it's easy when you got someone the previous year nothing, but you can't come on too strong. the gift has to be good and thoughtful but can't be earthshattering, you know? save that for next year.

while I'm getting off topic... june 27th is my father's birthday. he turned 66 today. sure, I might've ranted and complained about the man before but after dealing and admitting to myself much personal shit, I was able to realize that most of the crap I was complaining about was primarily my fault based off of poor choices I made as a child. my father is a damn good man and at his age, does more than any 66 year old I've ever seen. ontop of being a dad, he still works and teaches at RIT while doing realtor work on the weekends. oh, he also has two lovely granddaughters, one should be 11 and the other 15 by now. my sister I think is nearing her 40's and she lives in calgary, canada. I should go up there sometime to visit again. oh, and don't ask why I'm 22 and my sister is so much older than me. my dad tells me he always wanted a son. maybe I'm an accident, who knows. doesn't really matter anymore, does it?

today I had my accounting class and a big-ass test to take. after I finished the exam of doom... (just click the picture below to see how much goddamn material I had to know) considering the last test we had was only the 16th and we had 4 classes since then. yeah, I know I'm complaining but seriously, I go to class from 10am till 1pm and then study accounting at school for another two or more hours, come home, change, go to work usually at 4pm and get home around 11pm-12am. now this has been every monday through thursday since may 31st. I have to do this again through the week's end and on thursday, I'll take my last accounting test and be done with accounting 1.

then from july 5th through july 10th, I'll be in chicago. (can someone give me a ride to the airport on july 5th at 4am?) then I come back and on the 11th, I have account 2 from 10am till 1pm and a new added bonus as of today, pre-calc from 6pm till 9pm, each monday through thursday. now this will be difficult considering I won't be able to work full time. my parents agreed to pay for the course and back me up financially if I need it for those 5 weeks of the two classes because then I'll have my associates degree by winter if all goes well. then I'll be transferring to some school, unsure yet but it looks more and more likely to be RIT as each day goes by.

the problem is now, I won't be able to go see Kasabian play at water street music hall, go to warped tour '05 or the henrietta TGI Friday's company picnic. my goal is at least to somehow sneak out for two of those.

anyhow, again off topic. after the test, I went to the mall to pickout a card and get a gift for my dad. after finding an appropriate card, I went to find the appropriate gift. after a little searching, I ended up with the following book.

Jewish Fathers: A Legacy of Love

I got it wrapped in some star of david themed wrapping paper and wrote in the card "your name belongs in this book. love, stan." in russian.

to be honest, I didn't even know I could still write in russian as it's been so many years since I last really had to. but I think I did all right with the gift, especially when I had about an hour to spare because I had to get home, get changed and stop by my parents before I went to work tonight.

somehow, next year I gotta top that. but I'm sure I can figure it out.

happy birthday dad. don't worry mom, I love you too.

wake up cold coffee and juice
remembering you
what happened to you?
I wonder if we’ll meet again
talk about us instead
talk about why did it end

Current Mood: accomplished accomplished
Current Music: Stereophonics - Dakota

29 shots fired or take a shot
ok, I need help here.

what is "pop kissing"?

no one I know, knows and it's getting a little annoying. if someone can give me a good definition or anything else, diagrams, photos, videos, WHATEVER YOU HAVE.

it's essential for one of my neurotic jewish friends getting laid. or so he says. either way, I'd like to know myself cuz this is just confusing. thanks!

Current Mood: scared scared

26 shots fired or take a shot
List six songs you are currently digging and then pick eight people to do the same (you actually get to grab the song this time!):

1. All American Rejects - Move Along (pop-punk, their new song of which their new album is to be named after)
2. Decibully - Penny Look Down (some indie thing, very catchy)
3. Matisyahu - King Without a Crown (jewish reggae, yes, you heard me, jewish reggae)
4. Aqueduct - Hardcore Days and Softcore Nights (again, some indie thing that I like)
5. Stars - Ageless Beauty (a nice simple song, relaxing female vocals)
6. Gym Class Heroes - Taxi Driver (a definate must for anyone in the punk/emo scene. if you can pick out all the different band names used, I'll give you a gold star)

The eight people who's music tastes I'm always curious about:

1. athlongeek
2. mafiette
3. christophedekkr
4. killer_eyes
5. couldve
6. bluecenterlight
7. spiffyme03
8. therussianenemy

now you get to do this too! the names above are those of people that I often converse about music with or am just curious about their current music tastes. if your name isn't up there, don't feel bad. just talk to me about music and trade music with me! it'll be fun. like old times... if we have old times. or something.

off to do accounting homework. wee!

head spun by a thousand spiders
sucked into their late night infomercials
rolled back with every beat
bound to the bond on a greater feature feat

Current Mood: amused amused
Current Music: Action Action - Don't Cut Your Fabric

17 shots fired or take a shot
normally, I don't like to take the few saturday nights I have off from work and other activities to spend vacuuming my room, doing laundry and cleaning up my bathroom. though it'll considerably nicer to have one person use my bathroom during the summer as with two people, it gets twice as nasty, twice as fast. my room is looking a little bit neater, as in you can walk around a little bit more. I might want to start cleaning stuff out of my closet, lots of useless junk in there that I can at least throw away or put in the basement if I don't need it.

I took a nap around 7pm because I just couldn't stay awake much longer. 6 hours of sleep each night for the last few nights is something I can usually handle but for some reason, I just couldn't keep my eyes open. after sleeping for about 3 and a half hours, I woke up with a very peculiar focus. I looked at the clock only to see it's about 10:30pm and the first thing that came to mind was that I needed to replace the sheets on my bed and take out the trash. after I finished that, the bathroom for some fucked up reason came next and then laundry and god knows what else a random cleaning urge makes you do.

you'd think I'd be doing all this housework on a lazy sunday afternoon, but I found myself mildly dissapointed that I'm wasting my saturday night on this. now it's midnight and I'm still going strong only to realize that once I'm done and satisfied, it'll be even later and I'll still be all by myself. granted I'm a tad anti-social at the moment but it's still bugging me I guess. usually when I feel like this, I drown out all my senses byturning these overly powerful speakers unjustafiably loud. maybe I just crave human contact beyond this house and I don't want to hear myself think about it.

oh well, at least my room is clean. or something.

but my day isn't without bonuses, I had friends and regulars visit me at work and they left me notes. I love that stuff. this way, I can put in my TGI Friday's/waiting tables scrapbook. yeah, don't ask. I know my nostalgia gets the better of me so ever since I've started in may 2004, I've been keeping all the silly stuff from my job to throw in there. this way when I'm older, I would want to look back on this job and remember how much I liked it and how much fun I had. personally I think everyone should work in food service, might teach 'em a thing or two they should learn.

oh, school went fairly well. oddly enough, getting all A's and B's in the 3 classes I didn't withdraw from is the best semester I've had at MCC. my only mistake was having 8AM classes and arranging my classes all four in a row. even with my ADD medication, I couldn't stand it. I'm still looking at other options other than RIT for when I transfer, as I only have one or two more semesters at MCC left. I'm a little frustrated that none of my computer classes will go for the business admin program but then again, at least I'm doing something I want and actually finishing semesters. now I only need to put a little more work in to finish the semesters with my original full load of classes and A's. I can do it because I have what it takes. maybe my dad's "be better than everyone else" complex is finally wearing off on me like he wanted all these years. maybe for the better.

am I proud of myself? no. am I satisfied on some level? yes. it's nice to see A's again. even if they are from MCC.

I'll go occupy my mind with video games, watch some science fiction television or develop crushes over girls on myspace.com. I think I've done enough cleaning for one day. don't you think?

ps. download this song. it's very very good.

snails see the benefits
the beauty in every inch
oh, why, why why why oh why
you're quick to kiss
baby, maybe, i spoke to soon
i'll touch you once
you make the first move
snails see the benefits
the beauty in every inch

Current Mood: complacent complacent
Current Music: The Format - Snails

19 shots fired or take a shot
bah, this sucks. I mean, sure, star wars episode 3 was good. I enjoyed it very much minus a few minor complaints, but those mostly come from having fairly high standards/expectations of fight scenes and science fiction in general.

I don't really know what I want to say, I'm just glad to have been part of the first episodes of star wars playing in theaters. why? it's the experience, the anticipation, the midnight shows, watching people dress up and obsess, etc, etc. I love it all. and if some of you haven't noticed, I tend to get fairly into such things, minus the dressing up. the same goes for the Lord of the Rings and the Matrix movies. it sucks that they're over now because I don't see anything in the near future coming to that level of popularity or going to midnight openings anytime soon. maybe I'm forgetting something right now but does that make any sense to anyone else other than me? I guess I'm going to miss having something to look forward to on such a grand scale that I can share and experience with so many others who love and appreciate something as much as I do.

god I'm a freakin' nerd. who the hell cares, I had fun and I'm happy.

oh, btw. click here for the constipated lightsaber pose.Collapse )

because the tears that smear your makeup
make you beautiful to cupid's poison arrows
our bodies keep sweatin'
we got the perfect weapon

Current Music: Communique - Perfect Weapon

39 shots fired or take a shot
so you know that fall out boy show that was sold out and I couldn't get a ticket to?

got that squared away! I was at school today and one of the kids that sometimes hangs out with the people I eat lunch with has a little brother who's cousin works at WBER that put him on the guest list. now the older brother didn't want to go and said that if I meet him there, that his little brother would let me in. I'm like, sweet and all thankful and shit! all in all, a good time. now I'm just hella exhausted and should get some sleep, but you know me. can't do that ever normally.

oh, for anyone out there who's at all familiar with cars!

my 95 buick regal the last few days has this really weird sweet smell coming out of it and when I get close the exhaust, I get a faint burnt smell. anyone have any idea what could be up? it's not like my need for an oil change is dire at 3200 miles but who knows.

plz help!

as for free time in the next week, here's my schedule: tomorrow night is the alkaline trio concert again at water street music hall, class at 8am-12pm on friday, working friday night, saturday night closing the restaraunt, back at 12pm on sunday till late at night because it's mother's day, class at 8am on monday, working monday night and then working again tuesday morning.

in the meantime, this song makes my day cheery. have a good night.

i wanna pay her back
but love is nothing you can tax
my family’s not rich by any means
but i feel we won the lottery, that day

Current Mood: tired
Current Music: The Format - Snails

31 shots fired or take a shot
blech. rough way to start a day. last night, I tried to get to bed at a decent hour (1am, yeah, I know it's not so decent) to get at least 6 hours of sleep for my 8am class. don't know what happened as I kept tossing and turning all night, waking up every hour or so to turn more and more. drove me insane. finally I fell asleep for a bit around 6:40am but I forget to set my radio alarm, beeping alarm and computer alarm. only the two alarms set on my phone went off and I don't even remember turning those off. I can only imagine I did turn them off as I woke up finally to my parents calling around 7:52am and missing their call. at that point, I was like "aw shit". but yes, I have 6 different alarms to make sure I get up at no later than 7:20am so I can make it to school at the latest at 7:55am.

extreme situations call for extreme measures, and 8am classes are fairly extreme if you ask me.

so coming into class 10 minutes late wasn't exactly my idea of starting the day off right but hey, no biggie. just gotta keep steady about the last few weeks of class. the rest of the day went ok, what was weird though was how for the weird-ass sleep that I got, I was fairly awake and coherant all day. ah well, I'm not complaining. especially cuz I finally meet naomi today at MCC after unsuccesfully trying to see the girl for the last two years or so. especially since we've been within 5 feet of one another at numerous other points and I had absolutely no idea. but either way, we had possibly one of the best conversations I've had with another human being to date on the second floor in building 12 this afternoon. gotta do that again sometime.

so after I get a take home test for my economics class, I head home only to get a phone call from my dentist reminding me of my appointment tomorrow at 1:15pm. I was like, "aw shit". again, only because I'm getting my first dental crown done. YAY. not really, if you don't know what it is, it's basically getting fillings but... I dunno, square it. a dental crown is best described as a tooth "cap" to cover up a tooth that's been hit too hard by tooth decay or to rebuild a tooth all together. they pretty much cut off most of the tooth, just right over the root and then cement the "crown" ontop. tomorrow, I get most of my tooth hacked away and a temporary one is to be placed. then my procelain replacement should arrive in two weeks. click here to learn more about it.

...the more you know!

I just hope I don't have to get a root canal or something down the road. at this point through all the shit my teeth have been through? I might as well get fucking dentures or something.

thankfully chuck, my loyal friend and partner in nerdy and science fiction crime has offered to let me borrow his Firefly DVD's so I can be obsessed with the upcoming movie based off the cancelled series called Serenity. click here for quicktime trailers for Serenity. it'll be nice to keep my mind off of the novacaine and the drooling.


moving on.

so now I figured my resume could use some updating and frankly, I'm not too impressed with Microsoft Word's template. anyone out there have any good layouts or templates for a resume? or mad skillz writing them? please comment.

and now onto my latest dilema. I want to change my LJ username... BUT "l3sstalkmor3rock" is too long for LJ's usernames appaently as they seem to have a max of 15 letters. much to do.

plz help! in the meantime, more music and italicized lyrics.

making out with people
i hardly know or like
i can't believe what i do
late at night
i wanna know what it's like
on the inside of love

Current Mood: optimistic optimistic
Current Music: Nada Surf - Inside of Love

20 shots fired or take a shot
so this whole past week, I've had my spring break from MCC. what have I done? well, just about nothing! I mean, there are the minor things like doing my laundry and cleaning up my room... which is kinda nice I guess.

you know when you have all these papers, cd's, magazines, etc... that you want to keep but can't find a way to organize them or find a spot to put them? hah, yeah. I have a giant pile of miscellaneous shit on my floor just chilling. gonna try to get to that today cuz it's all that's left on the floor. I finally got my old computer out of here cuz I sold it off to my long time friend jon. I'm gonna miss the old thing (herobox v1.0) as it was one of my more successful computer accomplishments but I'm relieved it's going to someone who can actually put it to good use. ps. congrats on the engagement!

I don't know what I'm going to do about the bartending situation at work. I really love serving but I'd like to move up to the front bar... well, because I love a challenge and I wanna do all the bar flair (throwing bottles and crap). that and I want to throw it in everyone's face who said I couldn't at all or wouldn't be good at it. now I only need to apply that same attitude to school and I'll be all set. but either way, I'm on day service bar right now which is basically the tiny bar inside the kitchen that makes all the drinks for all the tables out there. plus I prepare all the fruits, drink mixes for the front and service bar, and then all the desserts for the restaraunt. money wise, I make a hell of a lot less than serving but the whole point is someone needs to do it. not to mention you have to start at the bottom before you can move up to front bar. that's where the money is and well, that's where you need to be damn good at what you do. and to be honest, I know I'm not that good yet at service bar to even think about moving up to the night service bar or even front bar. some of the other bartenders took about 6 months in service bar before they even went up to front bar and I don't know if I want to wait that long. actually, I know I don't want to wait that long so I'm left with two options. go back to serving all the time or go study up on drinks and prove myself worthy.

ok, so what's in that ultimate mudslide again...

nerd alert! I also got a new set of speakers, specifically the logitech z-680's. a 505watt 5.1 surround sound system. absolutely amazing. the bass is insanely powerful so I'll have to tweak that down a bit cuz it's making my head hurt but that's kinda cool, right? :P I'll take a picture of the new setup sometime soon.

what sucks is that I have to go back to my 7am bedtime. don't know how I'm gonna pull that off considering I've been going to bed pretty damn late the last few nights, haha. but it was a nice feeling to be feel awake for a whole week. if I can get myself to bed by midnight tonight, that'll be a start. wish me luck there considering I have a rocky horror cast meeting tonight and poker later. wtf. ah well.

oh, and here's a new song for all you folks.

baby is this love for real?
let me in your arms to feel
the beating of your heart, baby

Current Mood: awake
Current Music: Head Automatica - Beating Heart Baby

28 shots fired or take a shot
arg. I seriously woke up on the wrong side of my bed today. that and I'm probably just hella cranky cuz of this cold I'm fighting off. woo.


work was frustrating as all hell today, probably cuz I was getting slammed with drinks to make and couldn't get to any of the other stuff I had to do. ah well, it's my fault for still being slow on making drinks as I'm not remembering a lot of the recipies. gonna have to get on that if I ever want to get onto to night service bar or even then, the front bar.


[flogging molly concert]

omg. an absolutely amazing time. but that's to be expected! I still can't sick of the band, no matter how hard I try. what was the real bonus was that I found out one of my other favorite bands of all time, catch 22 was opening.


my favorite ska band ever and my favorite irish folk punk band together! what more could I have asked for that night? well, lots actually but I was fairly content. too bad I wasn't allowed to bring in my digital camera, only analog cameras were allowed. anyone know why? silly water street music hall. but hey, I met some really friggin' cool people at the show and had a blast so whatever works.

[/flogging molly concert]

[casino & gambling]

I love casinos. don't know why but I just am absolutely addicted to the whole experience. the ringing of the slot machines and the cigarette smoke only add to the atmosphere and you know what? I can't wait to go back. so what if I ended up being down $160? hmm. that's still a problem considering I only make so much a year and have a fair amount of expenses to pay... yeah, gonna have to make sure I don't go too often. but man, I'll be ready next time. see, I do fairly well in gambling and I just stick to only blackjack and the texas hold 'em no limit poker tables. I was up $115 from putting $100 in blackjack for an hour or two of play and then was up at the $1/$2 poker game. but then my ADD kicked in and my patience was shot to hell. I started making crazy/stupid moves such as going all-in over and over. sure, I won a few but after losing a few, I knew it was my time to walk. maybe I should take my dexedrine before I gamble and see how that helps.

till next time.

[/casino & gambling]


so other than that, I'm chillin'. might play some violent video games as I'm not too interested in the 79ºF right now. might be up for some java's action later tonight. till next time ladies & gentlemen.


you left your smell you left your taste
you left me here with my mistakes
and i can't relate to what you say i've done
just for you I'll bite my tongue

and i won't call you baby anymore
won't call you baby like i did before
won't call you baby anymore

Current Mood: rigid
Current Music: Low Millions - Eleanor

11 shots fired or take a shot
ok, so saturday I'm going to turning stone casino w/ a bunch of people for a friend's birthday so I'll be gone all day. plus my water cooling rig is still giving me shit so I'm going to leave my system off while I'm gone to make sure nothing blows up. then fix the damn thing on sunday.

ps. work today fucking rocked hardcore. omg.

but I'll hopefully come back with tons of pictures and entries concerning my gambling escapades, plus flogging molly/catch 22 show coverage.

till then, please wish me me luck at the hold 'em tables.

may the flop be with you.

i just want, i just want love
i just want something
something for nothing

Current Mood: ecstatic ecstatic
Current Music: The Bravery - Unconditional

23 shots fired or take a shot
wow. everytime I write in here, I get pissed at myself for not writing often enough. but at least this time, my computer was out of commission for about two weeks. worst two weeks of my life I tell you, because spent like 50+ hours trying to tweak everything to the way I like it, and then solving problems and overclocking the damn thing.


unfortunately due to a number of factors such as a lack of research and experience with water cooling, I had to purchase a number of additional/replacement parts for this computer. my athlon sempron 3100+ processor is actually an original model with a 130nanometer core instead of the 90nm version. didn't realize that until I bought a replacement an athlon64 3200+ processor. so now I'm stuck with two processors I didn't really want, but I just might bite the bullet and stick with the athlon64 3200+ and try to sell off the sempron 3100+. the next problem comes with the 1gig of geil pc4000 ram I got, as it gets too damn hot and doesn't overclock for shit. gonna return that to newegg.com and see if I can replace it with something better or get a refund because my corsair 1gig pc3200 ram performs better. then comes the sound card situation as the onboard soundcard fucking sucks. so I broke down and got an audigy 2 value. next comes the fact that my reservoir for my water cooling is leaking so that means I have to drain the whole system, get a new reservoir w/ new fittings and refill the entire system. just a pain in the ass. while I'm doing that, I might try to do some tweaking on the tubing as the tubing from the video card water block to the cpu water block is a little long and the tubing from the radiator to the reservoir is too short. didn't realize I needed more slack than I gave it originally. next comes figuring out how to rework my hard drives, that's gonna be a goddamn mess. AND I still have to buy new 120mm fans for this thing. wtf yo. :(


now, the all encompassingly AWESOME thing is that my car needs a SHIT ton of repairs. pretty much all my breaks have something wrong with them and I have a blown speed sensor in one of the wheels. and on top of that, my transmission lines are leaking. bah. thank god my dad can get all the parts at OEM (original equipment manufacturer) pricing and knows some trustworthy mechanics so I don't have to have some garage/repair shop tell me it's gonna be $1400 to get all the work done. grr.

as for work, I love my job. that and I'm training on bar now which is pretty rad. I'm starting w/ the service bar, which is basically the tiny bar in the kitchen that makes all the drinks for the tables. so far, I'm scheduled day service bar because that's the bottom and naturally, you have to work your way to the top. day service bar primarily entails making drink mixes for both the front and service bar, preparing desserts, and organizing the beer cooler. it's something completely new to me but I like it. next will come the night service bar which is pretty much making all drinks and cleaning up. hopefully soon I'll move up to night service bar and then eventually go onto the front bar. in the meantime, I'll be practicing my bar flair. I mean, if you've seen me do my cell phone tricks, throwing bottles around and shit isn't that different... right? haha.

school? bah. had to drop my math class, was kind of a jump to rush when I didn't take any kind of math for four years. that and I didn't put as much effort as I should've into it. at least I'm doing very well in the other classes, I just hope this doesn't fuck my financial aid. sucks cuz this summer, I'll be taking accounting 1 & 2, so I'll have class from mon-thurs, 10am-2pm for the entire summer. wee! might take that math class again online or something, who knows.

oh, and more good news. my projector's bulb is going out, which really confuses the hell out of me. these things are supposed to have a lifetime of 2000 hours but this thing only got as far as 150 hours. so maybe there's not enough cooling or the thing needs to be dusted, I don't know. I sent it off to a local service center right next to work so they can take a look at it and give it a professional diagnosis. then I'll decide whether it's worth spending more money to fix it or spend $300 on a new bulb.

what else? not much I can think of I guess.

oh, I've never had much interest in russian cinema until I saw the trailer for night watch (nochnoi dozor). looks fucking bad-ass.

btw. click the cut to see what the new computer sort of looks like.

t3h h3roboxCollapse )

i decided long ago
i was gonna be with you
but into the night we both will go
and find our own way

Current Mood: awake
Current Music: The Music - Into The Night

30 shots fired or take a shot

arg. this whole new computer thing has been a goddamn fucking mess all week. not only has it taken me two months to get my ass to start putting the thing together, now I manage to fuck up the RAID array I setup and nearly lost everything. by everything, I mean a 80gb music collection, 3 years of email and 4 yeas of AIM logs. I spent the last few days wigging out over it and gonna give up trying to fix what is left of my old WinXP setup and just start fresh all over again. thankfully I was able to retain all that shit like my mail, logs and music.

so yeah, hardware wise, the computer is setup and the water cooling is good to go. just all that's left is cleaning up the case and then add some of the finishing touches. as for windows, I'll probably be ok with where I want everything to be by friday w/ my schedule of school and work this week. boo.

anyhow, now I gotta go buy new rear tires and shit for my car after I get out of class today. woo-fucking-hoo. then work.

props to my buddy gary for letting me use his laptop at MCC.

I'll be back online within the next few days, leave some hardcore love plz.


Current Mood: annoyed annoyed
Current Music: The Killers - On Top

27 shots fired or take a shot
mark? stew? sorry guys, the results are in for the ghostbusters vs. indiana jones on a sunday afternoon!

looks like ghostbusters is the definite winner! empirical evidence suggests so. as does an auidience of 73 people. who 99% happen to be on my friends page w/ a high chance of similar interest.

so... yeah! first and foremost, I'd like to thank everyone who voted. second, I'd also like to make it clear that I do very much enjoy indiana jones. just if I had the choice between the two, I'd pick ghostbusters.

so, where does this leave me? absolutely nowhere. except I'm half way through my first spring break at MCC (aka. mc sizzle). I got home last night after working the most difficult and crazy-ass shift at work I've possibly ever had. I have never seen that much disorganization and yelling ever. omg. I feel bad that it was my manager's birthday that same night too. of course he's probably still mad at me over the quesadilla incident, which I'd prefer not to talk about. oi.

anyhow, after I got home from the bar last night and a coworkers house, around 4am, I for some reason felt compelled to finish up work on my new computer. and yes, it's watercooled. I finally got my replacement bottle of surfactant solution for the system, it's just a water solution that inhibits bacterial growth and adds a nice green blacklight/uv reactive glow. the problem is, naturally some will be spilled. so I'm betting half of my t-shirt, myself and my room has now a bit of a green glow if ever under a blacklight. so I have all the hardware, some of which is still in my current machine. just need to sit myself down and finally move everything over. might be able to get to that tonight. just no more staying up till 6am.

so at six, I have a meeting w/ a bunch of classmates from my business class to work on our little project dealie. then it's survivor/CSI night w/ the roommates and friends. always a good time. then, tomorrow, I go back to work training on service bar and then a night shift. so basically, I'll be there from 10:30am till about midnight. straight. can't wait. really. oi #2.

it's ok though, I pulled 10 hours yesterday, 14 shouldn't be a problem tomorrow. after all, it was just a scheduling mix up. next week when classes start up again, I shouldn't have any double shifts. yay! next week, school starts up again. ...yay.

oh, btw. here's what my new computer sort of looks like right now. I'd say, 50% complete. if I can get to it tonight, I should have no problem finishing it up. just click the thumbnail or the LJ cut.

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so enough of the nerdiness. work needs to be done and lives need saving. oh, and good music needs to be listened too.

i'm in a car underwater with time to kill, thinking back I forgot to tell you this
i didn't care that you left and abandoned me, what hurts more is i would still die for you

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ok, so stew and mark are watching ghostbusters as I come downstairs to get a bagel. they flip to indiana jones and I'm like, wtf. guys, come on! stew retorts with "hey stan, 3rd grade called and they want you back" or something witty on those lines. so both of them are like, "indiana jones > ghostbusters!" and I'm like, no, uh uh. "ghostbusters > indiana jones."

so folks. I need some feedback here. I like indiana jones, don't get me wrong. I just think ghostbusters is infinitely better.

so, which is better? indiana jones or ghostbusters?

Poll #440953 indiana jones vs. ghostbusters

which is better?

indiana jones

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who's got a 500 gigabyte striped RAID-0 SATA hard drive array?

ME. hellz yeah.

now I go to sleep at 3:21am only to get up at 7am for class from 8am to 12pm. then be the really depressed cuz I'd be waiting on nothing but valentine's day couples at work from 4pm till about 1am. then tuesday, work from about 10am till about midnight.

happy friggin' valetine's day! :)

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so, I just got world of warcraft (WoW for short). just wondering who on LJ here plays and what server. or who is willing to start a new character on a new server. plz lemme know. :P thanks.
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U.S. National - AP - Anchorage Students Learning in Russian

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - The littlest students at one Anchorage school are learning their lessons in Russian, the complex tongue of Alaska's former owner and a language increasingly important for improved international relations.

cool stuff, lemme tell you. but now I can't feel as special anymore. :( grr. now I gotta learn 6 other crazy languages or something.

Bobby Yang - Eruption! - some crazy emo looking dude with a violin going all sorts of crazy. kinda like it.

but I'm saving the best for last.

coolest. fucking. thing. ever. just trust me. (quicktime)

all this brought to you by, zfenris, bellichka and vahnyughi.
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this whole being up for 20 hours at a time has a very surreal feeling. so now, I feel like death, my eyes are going to eat themselves to death and I will hate tomorrow with a passion. good night.

ps. finalized new screen name.


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so today was the first day of that whole college thing again. my schedule is as following:


8-9: COM102 - 12-205
9-10: MTH175 - 9-172
10-11: ECO111 - 12-109
11-12: BUS104 - 12-107


9:30-10:30: MTH175 - 9-172

the classes? should be a breeze. so long as I actually make it in on time and then actually doing the homework. if I keep those two in check, I should be all set. right?

heh, the only class I'm worrying about being late for is the COM102 because it's at 8 fucking AM. if I make that class, I can hit any of the others no problem. heh, the nice thing about MCC is that everytime I walk between classes, I run into six hundred people I know. kinda hard to actually have a conversation with them all but I try. at least after 12, I'm free, that's the nice feeling. I remember just getting to class at 11am and now, I can't imagine how much time that's just wasted. crazy.

as for the ADD meds, around 12pm, it peaks because the 2nd half of the slow-release dissolves and then I get all hyper and can't stop talking. gonna have to figure out how to curb that, or maybe next prescription I'll just try the regular version of dexedrine. otherwise, wee!

now if I didn't have to work the lunch shifts on wednesday, thursday and friday, that'd be cool. wednesday and friday, I specified off in my availability for work but that's ok! I'll trade 'em up or just work them somehow, don't know yet.

hmm, I think I need to buy a PDA. might help keep me organized. dammit, I also want a digital camera for myself. grr! decisions, decisions. any suggestions for a PDA?

so, now I shower and go get ready for work. good night yo.

the district sleeps alone tonight after the bars turn out their lights
and send the autos swerving into the loneliest evening
and i am finally seeing why i was the one worth leaving

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